G is for Game On

CTR Nitro-Fueled is the go-to game that we play when we just want to relax and drink. It easy, there are tons of levels and we can shoot bowling balls at each other.

I tend to win most of the time. There are a few levels that Crash is better than Coco, but it’s been my game since it wasn’t nitro fueled.

alluring young woman in lace lingerie smiling
Photo by Thiago Schlemper on Pexels.com

That said, I’m not above gaining a bit of an advantage from time to time. Usually it’s just shorts and bare feet. But when it’s hot and clothes are too much, lingerie does the trick.

Charmer: 1
Snake: 0

Game on….

2 Replies to “G is for Game On”

  1. If you play in your underwear, then Snake will be constantly distracted and he will not have a chance to win. Although he might win another game.😃

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