G is for Game On

CTR Nitro-Fueled is the go-to game that we play when we just want to relax and drink. It easy, there are tons of levels and we can shoot bowling balls at each other.

I tend to win most of the time. There are a few levels that Crash is better than Coco, but it’s been my game since it wasn’t nitro fueled.

Photo by Thiago Schlemper on Pexels.com

That said, I’m not above gaining a bit of an advantage from time to time. Usually it’s just shorts and bare feet. But when it’s hot and clothes are too much, lingerie does the trick.

Charmer: 1
Snake: 0

Game on….

2 thoughts on “G is for Game On”

  1. If you play in your underwear, then Snake will be constantly distracted and he will not have a chance to win. Although he might win another game.😃

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