M is for Mischief

I’ve never really “thought” of myself as a mischief maker, but I probably am. I guess I’m a bit like the Mae West quote: “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.”

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I was the one who mercilessly teased Snake when we were in high school and gave him his first drink. Believe me, it was a doozy–we were young and wild. We were friends first, but once we became a couple, we slept together fast and furious. Is that mischief? Maybe.

I know that his mom at least considered me a bad influence. But we are still here and happy so maybe bad is better?

We spent more money than we should have on hotel rooms in college and entered a few drinking contests, but never won. Is that mischief or being a college student? Or both?

All of our life together has been full of silly fun, pushing the envelope on experiences and trying to stay out of the rut as far as we can. There are few things that we wouldn’t try in the way of adventure experiences and I know that I’ve written about many of them in here before. Zip-lining is still one of our favorites and we’ve done it in some wild places. We are definite adrenaline junkies.

And, let’s face it, for most of the world, our blog and Twitter is probably considered a wee bit mischievous. As is our life, I’m sure.

It’s hard for me to separate out the mischief from the personality from the things that seem commonplace to us. I’m sure that I would still be considered a bad influence from a segment of the population and that’s okay with me. Our life is fulfilling and happy and we do what we choose to do on our own terms.

So, yes, we’ll probably bring on the mischief. And probably up the ante…

One mischief always introduces another.

Daniel Defoe

9 Replies to “M is for Mischief”

  1. Oh I think a little mischief always brings a little fun to things. And long may that sense of fun continue to give you a fulfilling and happy life together !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I think it’s great that you recognise the fact that a healthy dose of mischief is essentially one of life’s necessities; and that not only have you embraced it, you have woven it into the very fabric of your existence.

  3. I can imagine you leading Snake astray – I expect you have some great tales to tell. And in my mind you two are healthily mischievous in a good way. Long may it continue 😉
    May xx

  4. I love a mischievous nature, and yes, I do think many people look upon our blogs as mischief. Being full of mischief just makes life so much more interesting!
    ~ Marie xox

  5. Perhaps this is a property of the character of a particular person. And he arranges life for himself to match. For some individuals, life without adventure is death.
    And by the way, people don’t change.

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