N is for Not a Word

There is a single light on the in bedroom as you walk in. It is dim and casts shadows on the walls and ceiling. You can’t really see me and start to turn on the overhead light.

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“Don’t turn on the light. And don’t say a word,” I say.

“OK,” you respond.

“Not. A. Word.”

I can see you start to open your mouth and close it quickly. “Strip and lay down on the bed.”

You quickly take off your clothes and come to the bed. You realize that the restraints are out as well as your cuffs and collar. Knowing exactly what I want, you bring them to me and kneel.

I first put the collar around your neck, giving you a quick kiss on the back of your neck as I secure it. Then the cuffs go around your wrists. Finally you stand when I silently motion and I put one around each ankle.

“Lay down.” After you do, I attach each cuff to the appropriate restraint and make sure that it is secure.

“These are the rules and there are no exceptions. If you say a word, I stop and we will not start again. Sounds that try to mask a word count. If you survive 30 minutes without speaking or cumming, I will let you cum. If not, well, I guess….not. Nod your head if you understand.”

You nod quickly. I attach our new “hands-free” toy that I control with my phone to your cock and muse aloud, “Which video should I use to control this?” I see your eyes widen, but you stay silent.

“This one looks good.” I choose it and turn the volume up on my phone. “You might as well get to listen. And feel. But I don’t think you need to watch.”

The video starts slowly with some kissing and small moans and the toy begins to slowly stroke you up and down. We’ve played with it before, but never using the video feature. It’s intense even without that and you know that it will take every bit of control to hold out for the 30 minutes.

Five minutes in and you are sweating already. The strokes are still erratic, but they are definitely getting tighter and faster. The moans on the video are enough to be fueling your imagination and I start watching closely. My finger is on the stop button to make sure if you go too far, it won’t be a pleasant experience.

Ten minutes in and the video is definitely on to full sex. The strokes are consistent and you are panting to keep control. The sounds on the video mirror some of the noises coming from you.

At the halfway point, I know you are about done. Usually I take breaks and let you get your head back, but the toy is relentless. I’m just not sure if you will say something or start to cum.

Less than 15 seconds later, I hear, “Fuhk….” and I push the button to stop the toy.

“Better luck next time.”

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