E is for Exposed

There are definitely different levels to being exposed on social media. The first obvious one is that we both use a pseudonym and not very many people know the true names of Snake and Charmer. Kinda makes it sound like a fantasy or spy novel….

That is for both work and family. And quite honestly, because this is just for us. We don’t owe other people this part of our life if we don’t choose to share it.

Photo by Balázs Benjamin from Pexels.com

Thankfully we haven’t really been exposed that way. I had one stalker who researched me to a scary extent with the sad reasoning that he was trying to protect me from all of the other people out there who could do it with “bad intentions.” It was years ago and I’m happy to report that he hasn’t returned.

I share a lot of pictures online and on the blog. They are my choice on what I choose to expose. I totally own being an exhibitionist and we enjoy taking the pictures for the blog. Sure, I’ve been asked for more but it is my choice what to expose and what to keep hidden.

Words are definitely more exposing than pictures to me. When I talk about people and events and feelings in my world, they definitely expose parts of me that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

And these go beyond blog posts and tweets. I have exposed pieces of myself to people on social media that very few people know. Most of the exchanges have been wonderful and I’ve made amazing friends as a result.

Life being life, some of them I wish I could take back. The pieces of myself that I shared with them either weren’t reciprocated or I discovered that they weren’t really the person that I thought I was sharing them with. Not in a deceitful, catfish-way, but that I took them at face value. But, I learned more about myself with each exposure.

Unchecked, the exposure on social media can be scary and devastating. I admit to being quite a control freak so I do tend to control my narrative.

At the end of the day, though, you’ll find my bath pictures on the Twitter timeline and probably a post here about something or other. And I love sharing it all and getting to know other people the same way.


8 Replies to “E is for Exposed”

  1. I am glad that you have chosen to share what you have as it is helpful for others to be able to get that insight into how things work for you. I have always loved your pictures and your was one of the first blogs I read where that aspect of you was shared in addition to the writing. It did add something and I remember wishing that I would have the confidence to do the same. How things change! The stalker experience sounds really scary. I am sorry that happened and glad that it came to nothing sinister in the end. Missy x

  2. That must have been quite scary – the person saying they were trying to protect you by delving into who u are…
    I really enjoy reading about you and Snake – u both come across as so genuine – I would love to know u better
    May x

  3. I feel the same, in that I have told some people things about myself, about my life, and wish I could take it back, as they turned out not to be the people I thought they were, and not to be trusted. On social media I am very careful what I post, especially after the total meltdown in 2020. My blog is where I expose myself the most, but I am always in control as to what I share.
    ~ Marie xox

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