C is for (Steeled Snake) Charmer

I don’t know if we have ever told the stories about our pen names, to be honest. The names actually came before we started the blog because we needed Twitter handles.

Photo by Ck Lacandazo from Pexels.com

We had started our D/s dynamic and had played around with a couple of different cages. The first plastic one didn’t fit right and broke three times. He couldn’t wear it for long. That was fine for play but we were looking for options that were more lifestyle than play.

We then went to the Queen’s Keep by Mature Metal and really liked it. The joke became that he was shiny like a snake…. And it was steel so, Steeled Snake was named.

(If you want to know more about his devices, there are plenty of articles on the site with the tag of chastity.)

Being a couple, we wanted something for me that would fit together. It had to also fit within our dynamic. So, logically, I became Steeled Snake Charmer.

Of course, those are pretty wordy if you are doing any writing and they were initially shortened to SS and SSC when we were commenting on the other’s posts. SSC has other connotations, which are good, but it was a little confusing to people who were reading.

So…Charmer and Snake were born. We really do love our pen names, handles, etc. They fit and are easy to use both online interacting and writing as well as when we are playing. It’s nice to have that to slide into that closes the gap between the outside and inside world.


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  1. That makes perfect sense, and the story is very sweet. I always had my trouble when I wanted to Tweet you which of you was Snake and which Charmer – it will of course puzzle me no more!

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