D is for Denial… Torture

“I need you, inside me, now. “

I was high as a kite hearing that. It was early in the morning, we had the house to ourselves, she has THAT look in her eyes. I’m raging against the cage, needing to feel her, wanting to feel her.

“Unlock. Get back here.”

I unlock, almost running back to join her in the warm covers. Already fantasizing about what’s to come… so to speak.

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She pulls me in close, she’s on her back, me by her side. She lifts her legs up, over mine, so I’m curved around her like an “S” – my legs next to that ass.

She holds my head, staring into my eyes.

“Now. I need you in me now.”

Her legs over mine, I scoot down, just a bit.

“Now… but slowly. So slowly, ” she say.

I’m about to explode, just being summoned first thing in the morning, raging hard.

I slide into her. I can feel each little bit as she almost pulls me forward. I’ve never understood how she does that – all without actually touching me with her hands, but yet, completely pulling me inside her. The heat … it’s amazing.

I get to the point that can only be described as “impaled” and she looks me in the eye, grins, and say “stop. Don’t move…. right there. And give me my wand, now.”

I feel her words ram through my body. I feel her energy grabbing me, toying with me.

I hand her her wand.

“Don’t fucking move,” she says. “Not an inch. No matter what, until I’m done, and it may be awhile…”

I hear, and feel the wand turn on. I feel her press it against herself. I feel it vibrating against me. Then I feel her respond. I feel those first twitches against me. Circling me. It’s the hardest thing in the world to not thrust, to not participate in this incredible scene.

She’s pulling me in, I feel the wand moving around ever so slightly, I’m feeling her body responding. I hear her. I see it in her breathing, I see it in her body as it starts to build to her first orgasm.

Her breathing catches, her mouth opens just so. And I feel her clamp down on me, hard, as she roars through her first orgasm.

“Well, that was nice, ” I say. “Shut up,” she tells me. “Shut up, because right now, you’re my toy. Stay right there, don’t fucking move, and don’t you dare cum.”

The words just about throw me over the top. Then I feel the wand again. I feel it vibrating against my cock through her body. I feel that pull through my groin, through my cock. That pull to thrust, no matter what, no matter what she’s demanded of me right now.

It takes everything I have to remain still. I feel her spasming again, pulling on me, squeezing me, she’s cumming hard, bucking against me…and grinnning. “Fuck, you feel so good inside me, ” she say. “Don’t fucking move…”

Orgasm after orgasm.

Somehow, some way, she seems to pull me in deeper, to grip me harder. To almost stroke me with her body, her sex, as she starts again with the wand. The vibrations, the spasms, her. It’s almost too much.

She can sense this after a time. After many of her own, she looks me in the eye with that grin those eyes. “Do you want to come now, baby?”

“Yes, yes, I do,” I sputter.

“Mmmmmmm….” she says. “No, sorry. I’m done. Maybe later.”

We lay there, me wrapped around her, inside her. As she lays on her pillow, grinning, eyes closed, gripping me, squeezing me, making me crazy.


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