Z is for Zoom

“Well this is a surprise,” you say when I call you on Zoom. “You never want to do video unless forced to in meetings. You laugh.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels.com

“Just thought I’d catch up off guard,” I smirk. “Is the door closed?”


“You should close it and lock it. You might want to close the blinds too.”

Your pupils dilate just a bit as you realize that I’m starting to unbutton my shirt. “Uh, yeah, brb,” you say. You go out of view and I can hear the door closing after you tell your admin that you have to take a call. I can see shadows of you walking to the doors and the room darkens as you close the blinds.

As you come back to your desk and sit down, I say, “Wait. It is Commando Friday, right? I think I should get a show. And here you were wondering why I was so generous to let you out of the cage this morning.”

You stand back up and I watch as you drop your jeans, seeing your cock already hard. “Maybe I should make you stand right there–I have a perfect view. Can you still see me?”


“Excellent.” I continue to unbutton each button slowly, pulling the shirt apart just a bit each time to let you see that I’m not wearing a bra.

“Fuck,” I hear over the computer.

“Not yet…”

Each button makes you twitch just a little bit more. Finally, I pull the shirt down over the shoulders and wrap it around me like a TV bedsheet. “That what you want?” I ask.


I slide the shirt down and toss it over the camera. “Like that?”

I hear a groan. “Not exactly.”

“Oh…Snake wants to see…”


I pull the shirt off the camera and drop it to the floor. Your cock jumps. “I think you like the view.”

Next, I turn my back to the camera and ever so slowly start sliding the yoga pants down over my ass., pausing at each fraction of an inch. I can’t see you, but I can hear your breathing quicken. As I get the pants down to my thighs, I wiggle my butt at you. “You like the undies? They’re new.”

“I do…”

I slide the pants off and step out of them. Turning around, I see just a glisten at the end of your cock. “Someone looks interested.”

You swallow and nod. I slide my fingers under the elastic and slide it down just enough that you can see more but not everything that you want to see. I turn my back to you again and slide them off. I peek over my shoulder to see your razor-sharp focus.

I bend over and pick up the wand. Sitting down where you can see everything, I say, “I might fuck you if you can get here before I get to 7…”

“On the way!” you gasp as I see you grabbing your jeans and forcing them on. The call ends and I settle back and start.

Erotic Fiction

11 Replies to “Z is for Zoom”

  1. What a fun and hot story 😊

    Especially this I could picture and made me smile:

    ‘“On the way!” you gasp as I see you grabbing your jeans and forcing them on.’

  2. New technologies are very good, but to get real satisfaction you need to quickly pull on your jeans and run.
    Cool story. Thank.

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