S is for (French) Silk

I don’t think it is at all strange that Instagram was full of baking at the beginning of the pandemic. There’s nothing like the smell of baked goods to make me feel happy.

French Silk Pie {AKA Chocolate Lovers Dream Pie} - Cooking Classy

So, for the first day of Pi(e) month, I thought I’d share my Mmmm… A yummy piece of French Silk Pie.

Totally decadent. Crust with chocolate filling topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

You can even share it with someone else. Or, force them to get their own piece. Who wants to share something so deliciously sinful?

It also is pretty easy to spread and lick off a willing partner–or so I’ve heard.



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  1. Sharing’s overrated (don’t tell Mister K please!). And chocolate cream pie is an excellent way to celebrate pi day. Last years I made oreo 🙂

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