D is for Discipline

As a Domme, I am all about discipline. We have rules and expectations that are clear and pretty straightforward. Exceptions, of course, for life but for the most part, our D/s life runs smoothly.

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I am not, however, a huge fan of punishment. In my world, if I have to do punishment, it means that Snake hasn’t been doing what he has agreed to do.

Our rules are not complex. Most are actually pretty simple like taking out the trash daily and making sure that he leaves for work by 8:15. Things like that. A few are things that are just my pet peeves like not leaving the laundry basket on the floor in front of the dryer because then I can’t get to the shelves.

The rules are there to make things clear for him and to make my life easier. If he isn’t doing the chores, that means that my life becomes harder by having to do the thing and then having to dole out punishment on top of that. Not really what I’m looking for in my Domme world.

Luckily, our relationship and dynamic are in sync that way because Snake is way harder on himself if I have to remind him about something than I am. He doesn’t try to get away with things or purposely “forget” in order to get a punishment. Sure, sometimes he gets busy and forgets something, but reminding him is usually all it takes to get things back on track.

We just don’t work well in a place where I am trying to find things that he is doing wrong in order to punish him. There are times when punishment has been necessary, but very rarely. And he really prefers it that way–he doesn’t like a sore butt and no fun associated with it.

Funishment is definitely part of our play time though. Some of it is chastity or orgasm control. Other times it could be the TENS or impact play. Another time might be making him edge for me which is not his favorite thing to do. Or having to post a picture online when he loses a game. Funishment can be just about anything that pushes him out of his comfort zone.

So, yeah, Charmer is lazy. I don’t want to have to do extra work if I don’t have to do it. Playtime is one thing, but I want my daily life to be as stress-free as possible. And Snake seems on board with that whole view of life.


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