H is for Hug

Today, January 21st, is National Hug Day. In other countries it is called Hug or Hugging Day.

Snake and I are huggers and snugglers with each other and family. Not as much with other people, except weirdly all people at the dance studio, but each day we are always hugging each other.

One of them is the sneaking up behind and hugging him from behind while I pat his naked butt.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels.com

The big hug before he leaves for work in the morning. And the equally big one when he gets home.

The hug before he draws my bath and the long huggle (it is so a word) when we watch TV after I get out.

And, of course, the falling asleep in each other’s arms hug.

On top of the random ones that we give just because.

I think in the last year there has been a lot less hugging than usual. While it is important to stay safe, find someone in your bubble and do some hugging. It’s only right to celebrate the day…

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