T is for Tetons

“We could go see the boobs again,” I say laughing.

Of course, I picked the moment that you had just taken a drink to toss out that road trip idea. You cough, having inhaled some lemonade, and turn to me. “WHAT?”

Photo by Pixabay at Pexels.com

“We were coming up with road trip ideas. Tetons and Yellowstone is always fun and we haven’t been in quite a few years.”

You sigh and roll your eyes.

“I can’t help it that the mountain range was named after boobs. I was just being descriptive.”

You know that you won’t win so you nod. “It could be a fun trip.”

Coming up behind you, I press against your back. I give you a hug and then come around to the front. I make sure that I have your attention as I shimmy out of my bra and pull it out of my shirt. I toss it on your lap.

“Maybe we can do some research for the trip…” I pull off my shirt and head towards the bedroom.

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