Bawdy Bells #10 — A is for After

Another Christmas is done. And while normally I would go out shopping for wrapping paper and bows and ribbon, this year will be different. No being crazy getting into unnecessary crowds for a bargain.

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We will be at home in front of our fireplace–unnecessary as it might be with our weather this week–and just enjoying some quiet reflective time.

3 thoughts on “Bawdy Bells #10 — A is for After”

  1. I normally shop for Christmas wrappings after Christmas too (not that I *need* any more, mind you; I probably have enough wrapping paper to get me through the apocalypse), but not this year. I went out today – there were very few people out, the stores were pretty much empty – but it was to get some groceries and other chore-type shop-y things.

    I kinda doubt after-Christmas sales are going to be a thing this year based on what I saw today. What little was available before Christmas in physical stores has pretty much sold through. Where I live, retail has not survived. Those who were struggling at the end of 2019 have already permanently closed. Now that we’re in Round 2 of Lockdowns, I expect quite a few more will be following suit.

    It’s a sad reality. Sigh.

    Not a fun thing to think about, I know.


    You mentioned quiet reflection. That’s what I’m contemplating at the moment.

    (That, and: “Maybe I *should* get more wrapping paper…”) 😉

    1. I bought it online….I love wrapping paper and ribbons 🤣

      The small stores are struggling and closing here too 😔

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