Bawdy Bells #5 — M is for (The) Morning After

I stretch, snuggling into you, feeling every inch of your legs against mine.

I can also feel my body waking, realizing just what’s happened, what we experienced.

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I feel every touch of your fingers. every kiss. I feel every long, sensual scrape of your fingernails down my back. I feel it all.

I feel your breath on my skin. I can actually *feel* your gaze, that one that takes control, that declares control. I smell and taste your flesh, and I feel you give in to me, reluctantly, giving up control as the first waves wash through you.

I smell you, us, and our time from just a while ago. I feel exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I feel every caress of you, your skin, your reactions, your demands, your surrender. I feel it all. All in the way your toes run up and down my legs as we slowly wake, realizing we have to rejoin the world, have to eat breakfast, have to … adult.

“Mmmmm… I say, letting it wash over us” I know you sense it, feel it, smell it, see it, too. I feel the bruises, the warmth of the cuts on cuts… and I grin – both to myself and to you. You grin back with a smile that says “yep, that really happened, and holy hell, it’s going to happen again…”

There’s a knock at the door, and some sort of muttered greeting. “Leave it, please” I say, still snuggling into your grasp.

At last I roll out of bed, your nails trailing along my back, catching on the cuts already there… it’s delicious. I wander over, retrieve our breakfast from the hall as quickly as I can, laying out the goodies on the bed for you. “Your breakfast, my lady,” I say.

You grin at me, taking me in. You pull me to you, directing me to sit facing away. You take in your handiwork, rubbing my back. “Wow, that looks like it must hurt… ” you say. I groan a bit as your run your hands over me, then slow rake your nails over my back.

It feels amazing, and I’m instantly hard for you, waiting. Wanting more. Pulling me back on the bed next to the croissants, you look at me, smile, and grab my cock. “Hmmmm. Looks like there will be more than just food for breakfast this morning. I’m thinking this needs to be caged, and you need to be ready for your breakfast, just as soon as I finish mine.

You pull me up by my hair, gently, but firmly, kiss me and look at me with that look. “Yes, yes. I think that’s exactly what needs to happen here.”

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