F is for Flogging

Flogging is a pretty fascinating thing to me…

What is really intriguing is that every single implement has a totally different feel to it – and every one of them, almost to a fault, don’t feel like you might imagine they do…

Those purple flowers? Thuddy.

Those Orange lines? Sharp.

The strap? Stingy, thuddy and all over the place if done hard/soft, etc. It packs a bigger bite harder because it almost feels solid.

The black fringy-thing? Stingy if done hard, soft if done softlly.

Flogging, and impact play in general, is a really challenging thing for all – for me, getting into the moment (and nothing else matters) and letting the impact wash over and out, exploding in amazing colors at times…

Quite the ride.


5 Replies to “F is for Flogging”

  1. This is a gorgeous picture and I love the contrast in colours and the way that your floggers look. We have fewer and went for something we thought was thuddy but I think maybe we need to try something different so I appreciate your explanation of the different feeling from each. I loved you final sentence. 😊

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