O is for October Prompt

October starts on Thursday so it is time for the next prompt for our alphabet prompt.

Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels.com

This month we will be doing

Fall Tricks & Treats

This year Halloween will be different–just like the rest of the world is different in 2020. Share your own ways of tricking or treating or celebrating autumn. Poems, pictures, stories, memories…anything that you want to share about this month.

Grab the code: 

<center><a href="https://www.steeledsnake.com/?p=9985"><img border="0" width="200" src="https://www.steeledsnake.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/snakeden.png"></a></center>

Can’t wait to see what everyone shares!

10 Replies to “O is for October Prompt”

    1. We didn’t know if we would continue it past August so I didn’t go one…and I’m lazy. But there will hopefully be one ongoing for the monthly prompts.

      Thank you for linking up!

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