D is for Dice… again… but different.

We walk out to the car for date night and, just after I hold your door for you to get in the car, you look up at me, flash this over-the-top cartoonish innocent look, and tell me “oh, shoot. I forgot. Could you please go grab your dice?


I start to ask questions, but before I can do anything more than take in a breath, you look at me, put your finger to your lips, and “shhhhhh….”

These games.

I return with my dice.

Photo by Will Wright from Pexels.com

I open my door to get in and you’ve put a towel next to my seat. I start to get in an you tell me – “sans pants please, oh, and unlock. Here’s the key.

Ok, this just got weird.

I strip from the waist down, slide into the car and take off the cage, handing you back the key and cage. “Thank you,” you say, with a smirk.

Roll a D4, please…

I get a 4. Which, ya know, seems like it should be good, yes?

Now roll a D20, please.

I roll a 17. “Oh, excellent. 4 times 17 is 68.

OOOOO…. K?” I say, looking like “whut?

So, here’s the thing. I have this new toy we want to write a review about. Everyone says it’s just amazing and intense and all of that. So I thought we’d find out.” You pull out our new “vibrator for him” – it has 2 motors, a silicone strap… and a wired remote.

This is a game of “red light, green light. Put that on, please.

I do.

You have to survive tonight. We’re going to go get takeout, sit in the park, have a really great relaxing time. Well… relaxing for me. A bit… challenging for you, I suspect. While we’re moving, concentrate. I don’t want any accidents. I’ll tell you where we’re headed next. I thought we’d go first to that chicken place across town that you like so much.

“OK, but … there is one just up the street,” I say. “Yes, too close. Far too close.

At every light where we come to a stop, I will be turning on this toy as long as the light in the other direction is green or a green arrow. You just have to survive without cumming. Pretty simple, eh? If we’re stopped somewhere, like, to eat, I control it. If you make it back home, I subtract the quantity of O’s you rolled from my required total (remember, the 150 less where we are now?) toward your being eligible. If you do NOT survive, it gets ADDED to my total. Oh, and the toy doesn’t come off until we’re home, and the on/off red light/green light stuff continues all the way, even if you do cum. So the torture squirms will be a great deal of fun to watch…

“What’s the towel for,” I ask. “Well, we’re going through the drive-through. Our kinks are our kinks, not theirs – it’s to cover up, silly.

I slide on the toy and she pops it up to medium power – I just about jump out of my skin and am rock-hard in moments. She grins, looks at me, turns it off.

Seems the batteries are just fine. I even brought extras though. What fun!” She has that look on her face again. The one where she’s rigged things just the way she wants them.

We pull out of the driveway, head down the street to the end to turn out of the neighborhood. As I stop at the stop sign, it comes to life…. “Oh, and stop signs are “red” too – I’ll judge if they qualify for you to get a reminder, and how long.

As we pull out, I see the next traffic light coming up – it’s green – and we’re far enough away that that’s a bad thing. Sure enough, as we pull up, it turns yellow, then red.

The buzzing starts immediately, sending jolts through my system and I realize that when people have reviewed, this, they haven’t been lying about the power of that “bass” and “treble” bullet pairing.

Holy crap I’m in trouble.

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