B is for Beginning

While I know that most of your are aware that Snake and I are high school sweethearts, barely, most of you don’t know how we met and the beginnings of our relationship.

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I was working in the light booth getting things ready for the current performance. I was at the board while someone else was adjusting lights on the stage.

Snake was on a tour of the theatre for one of his classes. Apparently I look amazingly hot with headphones on because he always talks about the first time he saw me.

A day or two later, I recognized him as I was entering a building and he was leaving out of the same door and said, “Hi.”

I’ve seen you twice, in a short time

Only a week since we started

We started talking from time to time as we saw each other between classes. It was the second semester of senior year, I was just a bit over committed with classes and activities and had already accepted admission to college. Snake was working, classes and an incredibly serious girlfriend who had an instant dislike for me. Maybe she saw something that we didn’t?

By spring break, we were talking on the phone and really good friends. I was (am) a flirt and was constantly teasing him about his girlfriend. The term “when pigs fly” was thrown around when I told him when he’d finally break up with her. She was a year younger than us and yet was convinced they were altar bound.

I also had a boyfriend who wasn’t as much a boyfriend as a guy who I was friends with and we liked the same things. Coincidentally, he was also gay. Let’s just say that we are actually still friends and I love him. He just needed time to get away from his upbringing.

Senior trip began our romantic life. We realized that we really wanted to date and resolved to end the other relationships when we got home, which we did. But, it wasn’t as easy as all of that.

I was an impossible case

No-one ever could reach me

I was headed to college. Snake did not plan to go to college. I was leaving the end of June for a month in France to live with a family. Getting serious with a guy was definitely not something on my mind. I assumed our relationship would end when I headed to college in the fall.

And you make me talk

And you make me feel

And you make me show

What I’m trying to conceal

Snake had different plans. While I was out of the country, he applied to the college I was going to attend, was accepted and completely changed his whole future.

Your smile, and the sound of your voice

And the way you see through me

Got a feeling, you give me no choice

But it means a lot to me

So off we went to college in the fall. Shocked his family to their core. Totally won my family over. And here we still are.

Italics are from The Name Of The Game by ABBA

7 Replies to “B is for Beginning”

  1. I’m always surprised when people who started out together as teenagers are able to “make it” in terms of relationship longevity. The odds are not favorable.

    But everything in life is a gamble, right?

    I’d say you won. 😉

    1. I think we made it because we actually broke up in college and took time to think. Plus we were out before we got married.

      And I definitely won ❤️

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