P is for Popcorn

OK, Charmer, this month is supposed to be about summer and the best you’ve got is popcorn?

Photo by Keegan Evans from Pexels.com

Popcorn might not seem like a summer food to you, but we tend to go to a lot of movies in the summer here. It’s hot outside and air-conditioned in the theatre.

Plus our wonderful local theatre has recliners, drink service and unlimited free popcorn if you buy their loyalty shirt each year. It’s $25 and that’s a pretty good deal for that many bowls of popcorn. And they have awesome movie sayings on them that you can choose from as well.

It has been closed since March with the exception of two weeks between shutdowns when they were open and showing old movies. They have been doing curbside pickup, but we live far enough away that food just wouldn’t stay hot that long so we’ve missed our treats.

Yes, we’ve been watching movies at home and yes, Snake is a good bartender. But we really did miss the really good movie popcorn. So, first I went searching for microwave popcorn that we liked. It was OK, but not amazing. Always tended to be too salty and since it is a BIG Keto cheat, we wanted something worth the cheat.

I found a bowl online that is silicone and folds flat to store. It uses regular popcorn, which is cheap, and no oil. Snake experimented with the time and the butter and salt and now is our official popcorn chef.

Maybe a little thing–especially if you aren’t a popcorn fiend like we are–but it definitely has brought a little joy to the summer of home movies (NO, not that kind) that we’ve had. So, popcorn is the guilty pleasure of the Snake Den.

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