A is for Alone (Together)

Those of you with extended families might understand the rules for watching TV series–there are some that you can only watch when all of you are there. You can’t cheat and watch ahead even if there is nothing else to watch.

We eat with different family members several times a week so right now we are making our way through the second season of The Umbrella Academy with them unless it is a “dine and dash” night where DDD is usually the choice–I do love Guy Fieri. We finished the Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi just before The Umbrella Academy came out and loved watching all of the different cultures and their food. Yes, we like food.

Of course, this means that we need “us” TV and “them” TV. Snake and I finished Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, the first season of Top of the Lake and were looking for something different. We watch Cutthroat Kitchen when we are passively watching, Top Chef is the choice for my backrub time and the occasional singles that we decide aren’t for us.

Several–or more–years ago we watched a show about a group of people who were left in Alaska and had to travel some distance to get to the finish line. No idea what it was called. It was fun to watch and there’s always drama in these shows which adds to the entertainment value.

I happened to see an ad on Hulu for Alone which looked similar. Yes, I know it is now on season 7–we are late to the party. We have a to-watch list that we’ll never get through, but like my book list, sometimes the things on the list just don’t sound good at the moment.

Photo by Luis Dalvan from Pexels.com

We started with season 3–I guess the first two aren’t streaming?–which was set in Patagonia. Our next bucket list item is a cruise around the southern tip of South America and around Antarctica so this was perfect.

If you haven’t watched it, they literally drop people who have met their skills tests in the wilderness with 10 items and they have to survive. They build shelters, hunt, fish, and generally have to deal with the wild. They have to film themselves and excluding medical checks, they are alone even though the participants are 3-7 miles apart. When they have had enough or are injured or in health jeopardy, they can call on a radio and be removed from the game.

It is fascinating and funny and at times just a bit disturbing how these people cope or don’t cope with their life. Some will craft recreation items. One woman in the 3rd season made a hammock first thing because she wanted to be comfortable. A few take over a month to build a shelter. Some adapt well and others are gone within the first week.

Mostly, though, it is a perfect show for audience feedback. We sit and tell people they are losing it, marvel at their creations, tell them they are being dumb, laugh when they are surprised that it is snowing, and squick out a bit with some of the animal parts.

**I totally admit to not fishing or hunting or having any desire to do so. I do not want to meet my food and I purchase my meat in styrofoam containers with cellophane wrapped around it. I would end up a vegetarian if I had to fend for myself. So, cleaning a fish? Nope**

So we finished season 3 and are on to season 4. This time they are on Vancouver Island and in teams where they have to find each other. Double the people and putting them in close quarters trying to survive? On top of the vicarious traveling that we are getting–I’m expecting a lot more drama. And it’s the kind that I can turn off when I’m done.

OK, Charmer, where’s the summer part?

Last week was record heat, this week is record heat and the monsoon seems to have vanished for the time being. We are staying inside where it is cool. And we can’t play all of the time….

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  1. We have Netflix too, but ever since the beginning I have just left it to Master T to decide what we will watch. He watched some things by himself, we watch things together and I never watch alone 😉
    But I get when you watch with a group you can’t watch ahead…
    ~ Marie

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