J is for Jessica

Jessica Rabbit, that is. Are any of you surprised that she is my favorite ‘toon? And, yes, it only took 5 days for me to skip around the alphabet…

From Who Framed Roger Rabbit

She’s sultry, she’s sassy and that voice…. Just about anything with Kathleen Turner–am I right?

And I don’t do a horribly bad impression of her famous line, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…” Though, to be honest, there are times when I really am bad.

My first cartoon diva that I loved was Betty Boop. I have shirts, coats, windchimes, figurines and probably some other stuff that is Betty Boop. I have never once seen a cartoon with her, but I loved the flirty outfits even as a child.

Before I wrote this, I looked up Jessica Rabbit on the ‘web and discovered that, although it is assumed that she was based on Veronica Lake, she’s actually based on Vicki Dougan. She was dubbed “The Back” for her outrageously low-cut dresses and was virtually forgotten until she was the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit.

Why do I love these characters so much? I guess because I don’t dress like that, but I feel like that inside. I could, I suppose, look pretty similar in the right dress, but I can guarantee wardrobe malfunctions with that dress. There isn’t enough tape in the world… And don’t get me started on the gloves when we are at 106 outside right now.

OK, Charmer, we see why she’s your favorite ‘toon. But summer? Isn’t that your prompt for the month?

It is–and Jessica Rabbit just happens to be part of the Roger Rabbit ride at Disneyland. And, most years, isn’t that the perfect place to spend part of your summer vacation?

Wicked Wednesday

7 Replies to “J is for Jessica”

  1. “There isn’t enough tape in the world…” Hahaha. Exactly why I avoid strapless dresses. If I do wear one, it’s so tight that I can barely breathe because I wouldn’t want to risk the girls falling out at a fancy event. Thank you for posting.

    1. I wore a strapless corset for a dance routine… With two lifts in it. I was just waiting even though it was so tight and there was tape. I lucked out 🤣

  2. Oh yes, Jessica Rabbit definitely is one of the sexy toons, and Betty Boop surely is one of my favorites too. I like how you have put your summer meme in here too 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. I woke up at 4 convinced that I hadn’t linked this–my brain has too much going on.

      She is definitely sexy…and so much fun

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