Strengths and Weaknesses

I tend to be nitpicky. I tend to be obsessive. I’m quick to anger. I am stubborn. I hate criticism. I’m sure Snake could help with other traits that aren’t coming to mind.

I know all of these things about myself. But.

That side of me that is nitpicky? I am super detail oriented. It makes me great at my job and shit gets done. I live by to-do lists and I can keep all of the pieces of my life taken care of for the most part.

The obsessive me that can drive you crazy telling you every last detail about my latest interest? It means that I can research and learn and retain information.

My anger is quick and heated. But, I also do not hold grudges and am over it faster than you could possibly imagine. And I forgive easily.

Stubborn? Yes, but also tenacious. I know what I want and I work for that. I love the below quote–I would love to stay that I am always determined. But I’m not.

“Be determined, not stubborn. Determination is positive; it feels light and will take you far. It’s a willingness to change as needed, keeping an open mind. Stubbornness is a heavy feeling, a refusing to budge. It is negative; it’s a closed mind. It will hold you back.”


I hate criticism. Why? I feel like I did something wrong. It makes me stop and have to relive every piece of what I did because I want to make it right. It’s embarrassing that I did something wrong–that probably is some weird issue from school somewhere. But, after I get upset, I do think it through and try to adjust if I feel like I should.

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The past few months have definitely been challenging. All of my traits that can be strengths or weaknesses have shifted a bit to the weakness side.

I’ve spent a great deal of time out of sorts because my to-do lists weren’t getting done. It turned into a lot of reminders (no, I was not nagging) and pressure on Snake to get things done even when I knew time was limited.

My obsessive nature might have built an incredibly complex world in Minecraft as it was my escape from reality. Yes, I am that nerd.

I yelled at Snake for the world being out of sorts. Even when I was doing it, I knew it was irrational but, being my person, he took it and helped me see where we could move forward even if it was in a different way than I envisioned.

So what is the point of this, Charmer? I guess in my mind, being the person who I am, traits for me aren’t really one or the other. They depend on my mindset and the circumstances and they run the gamut from being strengths, weaknesses or maybe just a bit of each. They are cogs in my machine that sometimes move me forward in a positive way and other times get all messed up and I come to a dead stop.

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6 Replies to “Strengths and Weaknesses”

  1. I do find like you that sometimes strengths can appear as weakness and vice versa – I was very not myself in the lockdown – and discovered a few more weaknesses of mine! Lovely to see u link up 😉
    May x

  2. Many people hate criticism. Perhaps because criticism is an indication of our shortcomings, which we ourselves are well aware of, but cannot get rid of easily.

  3. I think the various lockdowns have made us all discover new things about ourselves, but also realize even better what our strength and weaknesses are. Great post, Charmer.
    ~ Marie

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