Blogging and Writer’s Block

The past few weeks have definitely been a challenge with writing. I’m not an inspired writer without something to play off to begin with and the inability to do my “normal” messes with my head.

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When I write, I need a reason. I can’t journal. I need an audience and my brain journals all of the time by itself without me putting it on paper or the computer. It doesn’t help me so I don’t do it.

When I blog, I write something that strikes a chord with me. It could be an experience that I’ve had, a person I’ve interacted with, an event or a prompt. Even with the prompts that I write for I often need a quote or a picture or someone else’s post to get my brain going in a direction of writing.

What does that mean? I have perpetual writer’s block. I probably have written 2 or 3 posts that “just came to me” and the rest are simply sitting down and forcing words onto the page.

Once I have the inspiration I actually am quick and efficient. I attribute that to my journalism classes where deadlines were fast and if it wasn’t done there was zero credit. I don’t have a problem with the words as soon as my brain knows what to write.

So, yes, I struggle to keep going any day that I write a post. Part of my inspiration to keep going is that people respond to what I write. Usually in a positive way but even those who disagree with me make me think and make me look at things from a different point of view.

Another part of my inspiration is the community of which we are a part. The sex blogging community has given us a lot of good friends and writing is a huge part of how we interact with one another. The people who put together the memes inspire me with how much they care and it makes me want to contribute.

Another inspiration is our blog. I LOVE it. Oh, there are days when I hate it. Those days when I don’t FEEL like writing or doing pictures. But, we also learned that when we write every day it gets easier. The last few weeks we’ve definitely missed a few, but those are the exception.

So, when I am dragging on motivation and ideas, I look first to memes. I can usually find one or two that I can at least try to contribute to. And if I want to write for one and can’t come up with anything, first I look at other contributions. A lot of times that makes me look at the prompt in a different way and spurs me on.

Looking for stock photos that make me think or dream are another great inspiration. I can usually come up with a fiction scenario for one of those. And I have a quote page on Pinterest for other ideas that intrigue me. And honestly? There are days when I just can’t. My head isn’t in a good place to write and I give myself a break and put it away for the day.

So my advice? Write. Read what others write. Look at whatever inspires you–sexy or just inspirational. Listen to music. Take a mental health break from blogging when you need it. The community will still be there when you get back and you will feel better.

8 Replies to “Blogging and Writer’s Block”

  1. You can always resort to writing about how awesome I am! 😂

    It is tough right now to be inspired. I think I’ve been writing once a week on my days off and even then I have to force it. We will get through though.

  2. I think most will everyone agree with what you wrote. I know I do. There are days I just don’t want to or worse is when my mind is moving so fast I can’t type the words fast enough and give up at some point.
    Your last paragraph is excellent advice.
    Thanks for sharing & linking up 🙂

  3. It’s so interesting to read about your writing process, and I love that memes and posts by others can serve as an inspiration for you. And, I love your advice in the last paragraph!

    Rebel xox

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