Memory Lane

The DVR is getting empty and the streaming options are not looking interesting so what are we to do on date night?

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We finish up dinner and curl up together on the couch. You popped some popcorn and I grab the remote. I click through to our online photo storage and start looking for old trip photos.

I pick one from our anniversary a couple of years ago and put it full screen on the TV. “Remember that night?” I ask, bumping you with my shoulder.

You can’t help smirking. “We were lucky that no one saw us. That was a good night…”

I scroll down and click on another one. “I wrote about that night…”

“I think we’ve both written about that night. Multiple times. It was a long, fun night.”

We keep going down the list, reminiscing about all of the places where we have had sex or played. Giggling over some of the more ridiculous situations and getting more and more turned on by the memories.

I climb on your lap, pinning you to the couch. Kissing you hard, I whisper, “Which night do you want to recreate?”

You smile that playful smile and reply, “All of them….”

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