Perseverance – Stick With It!

One of the hardest things to do is to stick with it on all of this that we like to do and play with. I think it’s pretty rare that you’ll get it right, or as right as it could be, the first time out of the gate… keep going. Keep trying.

So many times, we’ve started something with high expectations… only to find out it’s … good, but not as good as expected. OR, that we like specific aspects of it more than others, a surprise.

One of the biggest things I’d suggest: keep at it. Tweek things. Try things. Little things, big things. Any things!

The smallest of tweaks can make a huge difference.

Me: I love being completely immobilized. I love being unable to really fight back or control things or move out of the way or change a position. Drives me a little insane (in a great way) to be unable to exercise that control.

Her: She likes to see me struggle. She’ll make sure I’m firmly “attached” but leave some slack. Leave off a strap. Make sure I can move enough to bang against the restraints in the moment. THAT flips her switch.

There’s room for both.

It’s a simple example, the smallest of tweaks, but it completely changes the dynamics of the situation. Keep at it. Revel in the smallest of things – if you find something you both like, keep after it. Persevere. Chase it. Find out how great you can make it.

It’s like positions. Sometimes a small pillow can make all the difference. Sometimes NOT moving and letting the orgasm wash over her in her own time is the hottest thing ever. Sometimes physical, sometimes mental teases are the best for me.

Keep at it. Have fun. Who knew it was all such a great time!?

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