The Importance of Dating

Snake and I have been together for a couple of years now. Just a few. We dated, then we married and had a few date nights here and there. Life gets busy and you figure, “Hey, we see each other all of the time–we don’t need dates.”

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We’ve always tended to go away for a short trip for our anniversary. Vegas is always popular because it is close. We’ve done a few big trips for landmark years but sometimes it is even just an overnight here in town somewhere.

In fact–as this goes to press as they said in the old days–we are in Vegas now. Our anniversary isn’t until Pi Day but March Madness tends to make it way too crowded and loud and expensive for us to enjoy it. So, early trip it is.

But those are “big” dates. They are important because they are together time where we can reconnect and just be. They just aren’t feasible very often because life.

We also implemented date night a few years ago. It is every Wednesday night with very few exceptions. Probably less than 5 since we started and those are usually because one of us is out of town.

They can be dinner or a movie out. They can be take out and TV in. They can be board games or massages or talking or taking pictures for the site. Once in a while Snake will cook but the rule is that I am not allowed to cook–I am a fan of this rule.

Why is it important? We realized that we were spending so much time taking care of other people and work and life that we weren’t making our relationship a priority. We were fine, but there has to be more to life than worrying about the laundry and family drama. That other people could deal with their own shit for one night a week.

{Side note: This also included a really funny series of calls from Snake’s father a couple of months ago. He called our old landline number which rings to our cell phones, Snake’s cell phone, the landline again, my cell phone and then our kid wondering why we weren’t answering. No, it wasn’t an emergency. No, he didn’t leave a single message. He wanted to chat and he was informed that he’d have to wait until the next day because it was date night. Didn’t we do a good job raising her?}

So, while this week is a “big” date, you know we will be making our own little oasis of sanity and “love bubble” next Wednesday too.

4 Replies to “The Importance of Dating”

  1. We can’t really do date nights currently but I made it a rule to have at least some small sexual act each day (maybe even only a long kiss with some tongue action or a few butt slaps). Between our roles as parent, coworker, family member, resident cook and so on it easy to forget our roles as a couple or as lovers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I love my Date nights – and I agree they are important – we try for once a month as we also bring in the kinkier sex but often something happens and we have to miss one.
    Just reading mental switch comment and that is a good idea too x

  3. Ohh this is good and very true (necessary)

    We have let real life get in the way a lot in the last year so I’m giving myself a mental shake and promising to do better. Great share.

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