I Cancelled Your Appointments

You nuzzle in, scooting up against my chest and shoulder as you settle in for the night against me. I swear, at times like this, you were a cat in a former life and I can almost hear you purring. It’s wonderful, relaxed and delicious to fall asleep this way.

Except not this time. This time you look up at me in the darkness and I can hear the smile in your voice. “Thank you for a great dinner and day today – it was so relaxed and fun. And somehow at the same time we got everything done!

Of course I’m not one to waste gratitude, so I grin and whisper “oh really? I’m glad. Ya know… there’s a great way to say thanks…

You sit up a little and smile at me. I can just make out your face as my eyes are adjusting to the darkness. “Yes, you’re so right. I wish I’d thought of that! We need to celebrate our incredible day! Orgasms – they’re a must!

Now, I’m not one look a gift-horse in the mouth, so to speak, not one to question what’s going on – not one to say no… and this is one of those where I know to shut up.

You nuzzle in. “Yes. I think you’re right. Orgasms.

I stretch out, my cock already fighting to toss off the cage, to be “wild and free” and to have a little fun. I can feel every single bit of the steel tube pressing against me. I’m thinking to myself that I need to wait for the magic words, “go unlock” because clearly, that’s what’s in play here. But I’m not going to ruin this.

You lean up, bite my earlobe surprisingly hard and suddenly. I gasp a bit at the pain, but you are moving on now already, pulling my lower lip between your teeth, solidly biting down on it while at the same time rolling on top of me.

You move to the other side of my head, to my neck and draw my neck into your mouth, your teeth, and bite down a bit. I can feel the heat of your breath, and the heat inside my body rushing to that place on my neck. You move down to my shoulder, repeating, but getting serious about making marks.

And then you stop…

I cancelled your appointments in the morning. As soon as I wake up, I’m going to want those orgasms when I’m all nice and rested, ” you tell me.

My brain flips around, stands at attention and nearly passes out in frustration. You grab my cage, fighting the steel, fighting for freedom. That sexy little giggle escapes from your lips as you roll back down and snuggle into my shoulder again.

I’m laying there, wide awake, trying desperately to calm my breathing, fighting the urge to scream or … something. I can’t figure out what to say. What to do.

Then I hear your first heavy breath, and the snore when you exhale…

It was a long night of anticipation and sleeplessness, to put it lightly.

To be continued…

8 thoughts on “I Cancelled Your Appointments”

      1. Hahaha! 😉

        I snore too, but I don’t admit it. My husband recorded me once to “prove it” when I told him I didn’t believe myself to be a snorer.

        I still maintain, however, that I do NOT snore.

        I snuffle. 😀

  1. This put a huge smile on my face. Having followed you for some time, the moment Charmer said orgasms were in order. I thought: obviously she means hers 😉
    I look forward to the next part of this!

    Rebel xox

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