SoSS 13

Things are pretty much back to normal shenanigans in the Snake Den–hope the first full week of January has been good to you! Here are some fun images and words to brighten your weekend.

Sexy Writing

Slow Exhale by Cara Thereon Sometimes we all need to take a break and exhale…. (Twitter: @thereon_cara)

When Harry Met Mathilda by F. Leonora Solomon This drew me in with the title–I’m so glad it did! (Twitter: @fdotleonora)

Can a Submissive Fulfill All a Dominants Needs? by Kayla Lords Some good thoughts on D/s and reality. (Twitter: @KaylaLords)

Massage Magic ~ Short Story by May More A fun magical story. (Twitter: @May_Matters)

What do you want out of Chastity and Denial? by Lady M. What a great discussion of what chastity and denial means to her. (Twitter: @LadyM_n_Monkey)

Buns of Steel–An Erotic Story by Dr. J Hot and fun! (Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor)

Erotic Journal Challenge – Mindful by Asrai Devin This is a great experiment for the month! (Twitter: @asrai)

Sexy Images

Watching by sub-Bee What an intriguing image–I kept going back to see more of the shadows. (Twitter: @sub_bee)

Wrap my legs around you by Jae Lynn Love that the image tells a complete story all by itself! (Twitter: @RantingsofaNM)

And Hello, 2020 by Holden and Camille Lovely intimate shot. (Twitter: @h_and_c_dot_com)

Look both ways by Zebra Rose Sexy and flirty and fun photo! (Twitter: @ZebraRoseSub)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

What to do on an empty ferry….. by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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