Tie a Ribbon Round the…(Oak Tree)

It’s that time of year. Decorating and cooking and shopping and wrapping seem to take up too much of the play time.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels.com

As you bring out the gifts to wrap, I start getting out the paper and ribbons. I put music on and we start to get things wrapped. Division of labor means that you wrap and I do the tagging and decorating so I have ribbons scattered about the floor.

I pick up some gold ribbon and start unrolling some. Then more. You stop wrapping and look at me, curiosity evident on your face.

“Come here,” I say with the ribbon unfurled in my hand. You come over and I start wrapping the gold ribbon around your cock. You start hardening as you as you see what I’m doing. “Oh, that helps,” I smile.

Around and around, the ribbon covers more and more. I get to the top and wrap it around and through your PA ring, finishing with a bow. You are now completely encased in gold ribbon and I step back to look at my work, nodding. I grab the phone to take a few pictures while you protest.

“You have half an hour to give me 20 O’s, or I’m posting a picture on the timeline,” I say. I stand up and head for the bedroom, looking back over my shoulder with a smirk. You are up and after me in a flash.

“Oh, and if the ribbon starts to come loose, we are done.” I lay down on the bed and watch your face. Exhibitionism is not your thing so I know you will do whatever you can to avoid that picture being shared. You nod and get out the wand, putting it to the side and settling between my legs.

You start slowly, licking and sucking, and the O’s start to add up. Then you switch to the wand, fingers inside me, and they start counting up faster. You are to 17 and still have plenty of time. You are still hard so the ribbon is solidly in place if a bit damp.

18. 19. Last one is lurking…. “Oh, you do have a choice. You can give up the ribbon and fuck me for the last O. Of course, that does mean the picture gets posted.” I wait, knowing the fight going on in your head. I look at the clock.

“I think you better decide quickly, though. Time is running out.”

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17 Replies to “Tie a Ribbon Round the…(Oak Tree)”

  1. I really like this. Sounds like a brilliant way to make the preparations fun and I could relate to the battle going on inside his head. 🙂

  2. Ooh, this really pushes some of my buttons and I love the choice she leaves him with. I’m now wondering if I can find anyone to “help” me with my wrapping in a similar way…

    1. 20 orgasms in 30 minutes—that’s a daunting task! You must have been very excited for this to be possible. And yet he must have succeeded as there is no picture of a well wrapped penis! So a win-win situation. I loved it!

  3. Is it weird that I was singing the song in my head (per the title) while I read this? And that it added a little something to a decidedly sexy story? It probably is, but let’s go with it, lol.

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