SoSS 9

First week of December is over already–wow! Here are some of our favorite writings and images from this week.

Sexy Writings

That Little Click by Michael Great post on trying again. (Twitter: @newsigns2)

It’s on me – #FantasySmutFriday by Charlton C. Tod Love the dancing and the comfort–great story! (Twitter: @charlton_tod)

Be careful what you wish for by The Dark Escape Lots of fun in this femdom piece! (Twitter: @TheDarkEscape)

Sorry, Not Sorry by Brigit Delaney This was such an honest piece on not apologizing for the person who you are. (Twitter: @BrigitWrites)

[Life] Being Unapologetically Me (Most of the time) by Floss Loved this post on how apologizing for having feelings about someone. So relatable.(Twitter: @_floss_84)

Home Alone…kinda by WeConnect What a great ending! (Twitter: @married_toys)

What Are You Sorry for? by Tabitha Rayne Such a hot story! (Twitter: @TabithaErotica)

And now, a few words from my husband about our relationship. by Mr. Fever What a great exchange between the two of them.

Sexy Images

Guest Post: H is for Hierophilia #SinfulSunday 451 by The BDSM Bard Little Switch Bitch offered him a place to post and these are wonderful images. (Twitter: @SexSonnets)

Hazy by Posy Churchgate The image just drew me in and left me wanting more. (Twitter: @PosyChurchgate)

Harley Quinn by Deviant Succubus Love this character and the images are so perfect! (Twitter: @DeviantSuccubus)

His by Love is a Fetish This is an amazing shot and I just love the hands. (Twitter: @loveisafetish)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Strolling Through the Lights by Charmer (Twitter: @SteelChrmr)

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  1. Thank you so much! I always think I’m more of a words than a pictures gal – so glad you felt the atmosphere that I did from that image. Cant wait to read more of your links – GREAT #SoSS!

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