Just a Little Strip Poker

Date night is usually dinner out or maybe take out and a movie on the couch. It’s not really about the where as much as it is about getting some time together.

So, you are a little surprised when I tell you to pick up the ingredients for nachos on the way home. You come in with the bags and see the dining room table set up with poker chips and cards.

“What,” you start and I simply shake my head. After we put together the nachos and pour a glass of wine, I motion to the dining room.

“We haven’t played a game in a while and thought poker might be fun. Strip poker to be exact,” I say as we settle in to eat. “You hit the jackpot and get an O tonight if you still have clothing on after 14 hands. From my count, that means you can lose almost half and still win.”

You look hopeful and then skeptical. “What’s the catch on the game?”

“The only catch is that I get to play draw and you don’t. You have to play what you are dealt.” You nod and I start to shuffle the cards.

We drink and eat nachos and you lose the first hand. Off comes one shoe. The next one I lose and you look expectantly at me. “What? I never said I was going to strip,” I smirk.

You take another sip of wine and huff a bit. I shuffle the cards and deal another hand. This goes on for eight more hands until you are just wearing a shirt and underwear. I see you relaxing and figuring this is a win.

You win the next hand and then lose the shirt in the following one. Only two hands to go. The next hand you win with a three of a kind. Last hand and you pick up your cards. Two pairs. Not great but not awful. I ask for two cards and you deal them out, trying to read my expression when I pick up the new ones.

You turn up your cards to reveal the two pairs. And I smile….and turn over a straight.

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