Multitasking as a Kink? Leave it to me.

The Wicked Wednesday theme this week is multitasking. Kind of cracked me up because I think I may be one of the more odd people that this is actually a kink of mine, something that features A LOT in different posts, stories, ideas and fantasies.

I think many times people see multitasking and think “answering phones, checking email, playing a game on my phone and texting off and on…” as multitasking. To be clear, that’s not so much what I’m referring to. THAT would truly be challenging as a kink, I think.

To me, the multitasking is the mixing up of sensations. It’s the interspersing of the good and bad, pain and pleasure, fighting for control, while fighting to let control go. I suppose it’s rooted in pushing past the point of overload. Charmer knows these are the times when sub-space is possible.

Sure, a single type of thing going on can push those buttons – especially if pushed beyond comfort zone. But, the surest way to stomp all over my /s/ side and is to have multiple (most often smaller) things happening.

  • clamps
  • spikey wheel thing
  • edging
  • ruined multiple times
  • biting
  • impact play

Clearly not all at once, Charmer has but two hands. 🙂 But in succession where a sensation or experience isn’t yet wound down all the way, hasn’t stopped… and something else piles on on top of it? Yeah. That.

I have many private items I’ve written that talk about the notion of can impact and pain play stop or enhance pleasure stuff? If I’m about to go over the top, and get smacked – does it stop the orgasm? It’s not easy, but when Charmer decides to play with this, and it’s instantly accompanied by a rather evil snicker, I’m guessing that means… YUP.

That’s hot.

So many times I wonder “what would happen if you combine this and that” for both of us. I mean, I admit to many times experimenting with different items, different toys, different techniques – and many times they seem contradictory – they require different types of response or consideration or different types of sensations. I think it can be a very intriguing way to up the ante, so to speak, on the overall experience, for whomever the receiver is.

I suspect there’s probably a point where things slip into overload. It’s not supposed to be a circus act, after all (it’s not like musical chairs – “AND SWITCH!”) but just messing with responses and expected touch or expected play. It can be great fun (at least to me) to push our brains and bodies into this mode of dealing with more than one sensation at a time.


5 Replies to “Multitasking as a Kink? Leave it to me.”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad that is a kink of yours and you’ve expressed it so perfectly. It’s like a great chef – adding just the right ingredients to stimulate the taste palate, without overloading it. Great post!

  2. Multitasking in kink makes so much sense, and I’d say JB has a similar kink to yours. He loves to mix and match sensations especially as sensory overload is one of the few things that quiets my mind completely. 🙂

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