The Sexual Torture Wave

I tighten the cuffs securely on your wrists and ankles and then one by one, attach the rings to the carabiners under the mattress. You watch me without saying a word — I can see you settling in for what is to come.

George Keating from

I start with the feather and run it lightly over your naked body. You twitch a bit as I touch more sensitive areas. Your eyes follow me as far as you can see–the collar keeps you from lifting your head more than a couple of inches off the bed.

I pick up the wheel and see your breath catch a bit. I start softly, just barely touching. As I move down your body, the pressure increases enough that you squirm as far as you can within the confines of the restraints. You hear the chain of the nipple clamps and you close your eyes in preparation. I put on one, pull it slightly and then put on the second one. You hiss but keep silent.

I grab the chain in my teeth to keep tension while I continue with the wheel. I can see you starting to give in–your breathing speeds up and slows down with the competing sensations.

You are hard and straining while I put aside the wheel for a moment to get the TENS. Attaching the wheel, I turn it on, low to begin and place the wheel on your inner thigh. You jump in surprise with the tingle and your eyes fly open. I move slowly down one leg and up the other while you struggle to maintain control.

I move to the loop and wrap it around your cock and tighten it against your skin. A low moan and “fuck,” escapes your lips and I turn the gauge up just a little. You start to move, trying to get more or less, but the loop doesn’t give.

I watch as you lose yourself to the sensations and the wave starts. It is one of those long, low ones that come from deep in the ocean. But, it grows and spreads. Soon, it crashes and you shudder, exhausted.

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