Awkward Marks and Swimming Season

There’s no secret, I don’t think, that Charmer has a lot of fun playing with marks (bites, impact stuff, etc.). It’s probably also no secret that we live in the desert. That means pools. Swimming.

More than a few times, I’ve graciously bowed out of a swimming jaunt because I’d rather just chill and have a drink or watch others or… you know, whatever other thing I can come up with.


Because marks.

We have rules.

OK, we have guidelines.

OK, I have requested…

…that marks not exceed the shirt or shorts line. So, no neck, no arms etc. And that’s great for normal outings and such. But what of swimming?

I mean, there’s really nowhere to hide.

I’m here to introduce you to your best friend.

Paintball. It’s a glorious thing. It’s a great excuse. It’s a good-enough get out of jail free card. Paintball gives you a discussion topic for those awkward marks. It gives you cover. You’ll need to understand what paintball is all about, but that’s certainly simple enough online.

Holy crap [snake], what happened to you!?

Eh, we went and played paintball – it was a blast, but clearly I lost!

Everyone has a good laugh. You talk about how fun it was. Exchange a few knowing glances with your mark-giver, and done – free to go about your swimming.


But if you do this a lot and it’s a regular thing, be warned. People will start to ask where you play (paintball) and more about it and all of that. It’s a good one-off throw-away, but be aware, it’ll get more and more awkward going forward.

Or, you know, so I hear.

Best just to sit by the pool, enjoy a drink and perhaps wait for a more private time to swim. Always seems like a great way to avoid the issue.

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    1. I actually do occasionally – several places around, I prefer a rifle, usually Saturday. Now you have to wonder if I’m being honest, or have a good story lined up… 😈

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