Cherry Pie

You walk in the room and there is a blanket and pillows on the floor, music playing from the TV. You recognize the Supernatural playlist and notice the note on the blanket. Undress, have a drink and sit on the blanket

Photo by Kevin Menajang

You look around for me then start to remove your clothes. I have you so frazzled that you forget to take off your shoes before your pants, kicking them off in a hurry, leaving a tangle by the couch.

You sit down, take the drink that is on the table and have a sip, still looking around for me, excited and nervous at the same time. Just as you put the glass down, the song ends and the next one begins.

Dirty, rotten, filthy, stinkin…

I come around the corner from the kitchen, wearing heels, incredibly short dress and start dancing in front of you. Gyrating, I slowly start to pull the dress up, teasing you with the view of the tiny thong underneath. You reach forward and I dance back, shaking my head.

You are now rock hard, watching as I slowly tease the dress up over my bra, thrusting my hips and locking eyes with you. I pull it off, toss the dress at you and reach behind to unhook the bra. You hold the dress at first, completely lost in the performance.

I give you a quick peak under the bra, then turn my back to you, exposing the back of the thong. Pulling off the bra, I look over my shoulder and smirk, then drop it back over my shoulder to the floor.

The driving beat is still going on as I turn around and start sliding the thong down just a little, then back up, watching the expression on your face as I dance. I know the song is coming to a close so it is time to finish my performance.

I slide the thong off then slowly bend forward, pushing you back onto the pillows. And slide you into me just in time for…

Swing it!

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