I’m a klutz. The number of ways that I have managed to cut, bruise, scrape, etc., various parts of my body is a marvel.

Even as a kid, I was a mess. When we lived in Germany and were on a trip to Switzerland, I raced after my 11 year older brother down the muddy mountain and slid, face first, down several yards. I had to go all the way back through town looking like I had been in a mud wrestling match. If I had known what one of those was at the time.

I have slid down an entire gangway on a cruise ship because it was wet. I was up before the crew member could even react. I bounce really well.

I have cut myself with a kitchen knife bad enough that I had to wrap bandages around it so I could get to the store for styptic powder. I was literally just cutting up some slices of ham.

Of course, I do come by it genetically. My father managed to dislocate his shoulder sliding into a base in a company baseball game just before he married my mother. And burned himself on a restaurant candle because he was curious if it was hot. But, the best was trying to race me up the tree when I was about 12, he was wearing dress socks and managed to fall and crack three ribs.

Being an intense introvert, the worst thing in the world is the rush of people and concern when I do my usual graceful act. I don’t need anyone calling attention to the fact that I just did x. So, I am up and moving again usually before anyone can even react. My family has laughed that I would go home with a broken limb just so I didn’t have to deal with that kind of attention.

What made me think about this? I happened to see this quote on Pinterest and had to laugh. ISTP. Yup. The number of times that I have done something similar? Just ask Snake….

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  1. This made me giggle, and at the same time I realized I am the same. If I do something stupid, no matter how much I have hurt myself, I will get up and wait until I am alone before I give in to the pain…

    Rebel xox

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