Sinful Sunday: Making an Entrance

After a day and night out on the town, it was so nice to kick back, enjoy the buzz and the lights and all that makes up the town. You casually slip to the restroom and I turn to take in the lights and sights of the town below. From 37 floors up, it’s simply amazing.

I hear a sound behind me and look at the reflection in the plate glass window, overlooking the town. I see a flash of red, but it’s a reflection – enough of that.

I turn to look at you – and there you are, as if on display, silhouetted in the glass of the door.

Your hair, your shape, your lingerie.

My heart skips a beat, I recover, and just sit for a moment or two, staring.

I grin, then the door slides open to reveal even more of you, and one of my favorite things – that “It’s time for dessert…” grin.

Sinful Sunday

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