The Trouble with Selfies

I take a lot of them. You’ve seen my bras, dresses, legs and more. I love taking them and sharing little bits of my life. And, in some cases, more than a little bit.

I didn’t used to like being in pictures. I have a nasty habit of closing my eyes at the wrong time or looking away–Hey, a squirrel!–or laughing or a hundred other things that make them ridiculous. And back in Olden Times, you couldn’t take 500 shots to get one decent one and you wouldn’t know if it was decent until it was developed.

Snake laughs at the sheer number of shots that I take whenever and wherever we go. I will walk along on a tour and just keep pushing the button because it’s digital now! I can just delete all of the bad shots and I still have a lot to choose from.

Selfies, though….I love taking them so much. I take at least two or three a day to share with Snake or others. And I can actually do a decent job except for a couple of things.

I can’t take face shots. Either I have 15 chins–hint, I don’t–or I’m looking at the screen instead of the camera or I look like I’m trying to explain string theory–another hint, I couldn’t–or covering up my face with my hand or whatever. I have come to the conclusion that I fail at them.

The other weird issue is having short arms. I mean, they are normal length I think but I can never pull far enough back to get the WHOLE thing. I take a lot of selfies in mirrors so I can crop to an actual real shot. In fact, Snake won’t even let me try to take one of the two of us. I get the eye roll and he takes the phone so that I don’t cut off half of his face or something else.

And strangely enough, I’m actually a decent photographer. Just not so much with my face or multiple people. So, how do I solve this? Mirrors as I said but I also tend to take a lot of artsy angles. They work for me and I don’t feel like I’m sending Snake the 87593rd shot straight on of my boobs or whatever else I’m sharing.

Here are some recent ones….

So, while I may never master the selfie, I will keep taking and sharing and loving each memory that I save.

17 Replies to “The Trouble with Selfies”

  1. Mirrors are great for selfies – some of my best ones are take that way – loving the powder blue lacy bra one 😉 x

  2. I was just going to say the same thing May.. that bra looks gorgeous!!! And I’m relatively new to selfies but I like trying to take them for MrH..

  3. Awesome post, I too am a fan of a good angle. Angles make all photos amazing in my eyes, lol! As for mirrors I’m the exact opposite, I can get to grips with the art of taking a mirror selfie. Your shots above are fab, I especially like the one in the pool 🙂 x

    1. I have taken some really odd angles and they are usually my favorites. Me too! It’s so unusual to get Snake in a picture

  4. Always the angle! 😉 I too suffer from SAS (short arm syndrome) we have meetings once a month lol kidding. I feel the frustration though. These are some lovely images. 😊

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