The Look of Pleasure

It’s always this back and forth – no one wants to give up absolute control, but then there’s that point where it just, well, feels too good to fight. That point, and the different phases leading up to it? Amazing and fun and so cool to experience.

I look at you, watching you, feeling the energy flowing back and forth between us. Your buttons, your look, your body all are great fun, amazing and both strong and incredibly complex. I see it first in your jaw, but it’s the tiniest of things – the slightest change in the set to your jaw.

I assume that’s that first wave of “yum” flowing through you. That it’s that first time your brain has felt that zap through you. It’s not a clenching of your jaw, it’s literally just the tiniest change in the way you hold it.

Then I see your eyes smile – even though they’re closed, I know. I can tell. They’ve changed. It’s the calmness there, it’s the grin of those eyes that tells me I’m onto something. I think it’s about your brain welcoming the play, accepting, letting it feel great.

It’s odd that it flows from your head downward, but it’s incredibly intimate and fun to watch, and moreso, to cause.

Your lips, your mouth – it all gets this very faint grin on it for a flash, then relaxes. I always imagine, even though you’re not saying it, that it’s like an “aw yes. That. Right there” thing going on. It’s incredibly hot.

I see your pulse start to show up in your neck, but only for a bit – it’s easy to miss, too. It’s only there for a few minutes. It’s not a tensing of your neck, it’s just your heart, stepping up the pace.

Sometimes, if I’m lucky, your head will start to press back into the pillow just a bit. It’s clear, but subtle. And that turn of your head to the side? Golden. I love it, because it means your brain is dancing and embracing the things happening lower down…

Your shoulders will press back, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, you’ll need to grab that pillow and hold on for dear life. That’s my cue to smile a bit… just a bit.

Your breathing is a dead give away – you have this cycle, this sexy response cycle that runs from calm to breathing faster, then suddenly just. about. then, you’ll sink into the feelings and your breathing calms. It’s incredible to watch as it again washes over you in waves as you climb that cliff.

I love the way your abs grab on and hold on for dear life. They tense up when the right spot is getting the right attention… they are almost pulling at me, willing me on. I can feel it almost throughout your body as you tense and release, tense and hold, body-wide.

Right about then, just as your body is in full chase mode, your mouth opens just a bit – more air? More… energy – it’s a point of fully giving in to those waves of feeling now. Your body is fully-engaged in this, I can see it, feel it, hear it.

Then, just as you tip over the edge, everything about you braces and clenches… everything. Twitching, pulling the orgasm, willing it forward. Sometimes, you settle in, almost like fainting. Other times it rocks through you, I feel it run up your legs, through you, your stomach, your breasts, your neck, your face. I see it all, and it rolls back and forth through you, like one of those “wave” machines on a desk.

There is so much to watching that roller coaster happen. To seeing the energy it drives. To feeling it, to pushing it forward.

To me, THAT is “pleasure” and it’s amazing.

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