Snake’s Body

Is amazing as you’ve seen and I love it.

While I enjoy looking at attractive bodies, it doesn’t tend to correlate to sexual interest. I need to have that special connection to someone before that happens.

Obviously we have that connection. We are friends and lovers and partners in crime. His body isn’t the same body as when we first met–are any of us–but I love all of the different phases.

His scars tell stories about things we’ve done together. Amusingly, there are a lot of them from the most mundane of yard work. And yet, you can’t see the one from when he had his appendix out three days before we went on a major road trip with lots of hiking.

He has freckles that are easily seen in pictures. I love playing connect-the-dot with them and in fact have done it with a Sharpie. But, he also has a birthmark on the bottom of his foot that a handful of people have seen. That one is the ticklish spot on his body.

I love watching his stomach muscles clench when he’s fighting for control when I tease him. I love the way he jerks as he is falling asleep while I am on his chest. I love watching him swim and lift weights and dance. His body does so many things that I love to see.

I hate seeing him clench his jaw because I know there is stress that is overwhelming. I hate when a migraine tries to steal away his day. I hate watching him look at himself in the mirror and not see the sexy man that I see. His body betrays him in ways that I can’t fix no matter how much I want to.

How could I treat his body better? He’d probably say that he needs more O’s. Fewer games of Scrabble. But, I don’t know the answer to that. I think that we do a pretty good job of taking care of each other’s bodies.

His body tells the story of our life. Ups and downs, failures and triumphs, fun and work, day-in and day-out. The story keeps going and with each movement and scar, it is proof.

But, truthfully? My favorite part of his body is his smile. That one that he saves just for me.

8 thoughts on “Snake’s Body”

  1. I think this is a fabulous exercise in awareness. Those little things that only we notice about our lovers are often not what others would think of. The sexiest part of my man (to me) has always been his eyes. They are so expressive and can do so many different things to me. That…and his forearms.

    I wonder if others would say “his smile” if asked what was the most attractive thing about your man…

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