Charmer’s Perspective: Lifestyle Dominance

Oh, you’re a Domme? I get that question at least a few times a week. However, it is phrased, from genuine interest to titillation, there are definite assumptions made about me, Snake and us. Some true, some false and some downright laugh out loud funny.

There is so much media about THE DOMINATRIX. You know her. Head-to-toe black leather, sky-high heels, perfect make-up and the perennial crop. She has her subjects at her feet, or under them at times, and is in charge.

While, I do own some leather, a lot of heels, wear make-up and do own a crop, that surprisingly isn’t my day-to-day life. And by the way, I do not own a leather collar for me. Just no. Now, Snake’s collar is pretty damn sexy….

We have jobs. We have family. We have a house to take care of. As fantastical as it might be to ponder, he doesn’t sit at my feet all day just waiting for my next command. Quite honestly, being the introvert, I think that sounds positively horrifying.

So, what is lifestyle dominance for us? Over the past week, here are some examples.

Every morning he makes sure that the water is boiling for my tea. He sets out my cup with a selection of teas, a plate for my breakfast and it is completely ready when I get out of the shower. And he is naked and doing dishes 95% of the time when I come out.

Last week, he had to leave really early one morning. When he came to bed the night before, he said, “I might not get the dishes put away in the morning, but your breakfast stuff is all set out.”

Yesterday morning, I told him that he was making dinner. As he was clearing the dishes, he said, “Thank you for letting me cook for you.”

I came out of the bathtub last night and sat on the couch with him to watch some TV before bed. He said, “Let me get a drink so I can rub your feet.”

There are thousands of times like these. This is the daily life. Yes, there are plenty of play times. Yesterday, I had a grand time ruining four O’s for him. I’m not sure he found the same glee in it that I did. And that’s fine too because that is the other side of the lifestyle.

So, while the leather doesn’t show up each day, I guarantee you Charmer is still in charge.

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