Outtakes – Looks like a dead body!

But at least it didn’t include the cat.

… and that’s a rarity.

The prompt for today is “outtakes” – and this is one that we didn’t use because it looked like Charmer had died. Sometimes it’s an angle, a clip point, the lighting, whatever.

And then there are the cats. Sigh. The things we do! Happy Sinful Sunday!

Sinful Sunday

9 Replies to “Outtakes – Looks like a dead body!”

  1. Great viewpoint and I love it has an open narrative of sorts, I thought she looks like she’s waiting to be unlaced, and that top is stunning!

  2. My f-king cats(and dogs) have ruined many a good photo. Though I have to admit, I’ve let them a few times and the results have been okay. I do not think you look dead here. In fact…I think the lace up bodice here and that blond braid are pretty sexy in an understated way.

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