Crossing the Line

It’s that look in your eyes that does it. It gives you away every time. I’ve explained it before, but we can be out and about, at a restaurant, at a bar, just walking around, exploring. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on – but I can look over and see that look – it’s all about being in that playful mood.

Depending on the situation, that can be a kid around thing, or it can be a “batten down the hatches” thing where I know things could get really edgy in a very short amount of time.

Usually, it starts with a glance that where I catch your eye, or you catch mine. I feel your eyes drill into me like you’re infusing me with your thoughts and ideas in real-time. Oddly, it’s not like I know specifically what’s running through your head, but it’s clear the general direction that it’s headed.

Often, you’ll zero in on me – it gets more and more intense, locking eyes. You know if you just look at me a certain way, just give me a quick squeeze or smack or pinch or even just a subtle hand on my face, the world melts away. It truly is like being pulled into your web, like being led down this path “just a bit farther, it won’t be long now…

You’re a master of this playful approach when we’re out somewhere where I can’t ask for any additional information or attention or … anything at all, really. You know how to remove a shoe under the table and I’ll suddenly have a foot, placed just so, where no one is the wiser, but I certainly am. You know the look. You know the subtle gestures. The way you walk, the way you talk to me. Oftentimes, it’s actually talking a whole lot less, letting the tension fill the natural voids.

Every chance you get it increases, longer pauses, longer grabs, longer teases.

We may be nearly anywhere, and you can find a way – find a way to poke at me, to play around and just be us – all without anyone else having a clue, other than the occasional flushing of my face, or wincing from a pinch or hard squeeze.

Then, suddenly, the look goes away. In a flash, you turn from playful to commanding. From playful to “pay very close attention.” From playful to “You’re mine.”

Crossing that line is a fascinating time. It’s incredible to see the change wash over you in an instant. It’s so fast that it’s rare to see it actually happen, but when I do, it’s magic. It’s powerful. It’s wonderful and scary all at the same time.

The danger is in missing it. Missing it can mean turning from playful straight to a sadist. From playful straight to “you won’t miss it next time!”

Thankfully, I have your eyes – your eyes to watch for all of the signs.
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