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      1. For some reason that takes on multiple meanings…

        Ignoring the more than excellent subject (a non-trivial task), is it natural talent or loads of trial/error or training in photography?

        I simply am bad at it, but want to be better….need to talk the wife into being muse so I stick with the hard work.

        Whose idea was it? What talked you into posing?

        1. It’s a lot of reading and trying things. One of the best things that I always struggle with is “less is more” – but not in the sense of clothing…. although…

          Getting closer on the shot, or filling it or cropping it to be interesting things. Play with close-up pictures (and then get closer still) – and funky things in the picture. It’s really a lot of trial and error and learning things that seem to work, then piling them on other things that seem to work. But don’t be shy about trying things – advanced settings, filters, weird angles, close-up, cropping different ways. In short, have fun and don’t hesitate to press the (virtual) shutter button, then see what it really looks like and how you can use it.

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