Boobday – And Random Thoughts

Today’s boobday is a great look at Charmer’s, well, assets.

Interesting things happening with the dice game that is ongoing.  Charmer found a “value” likelihood post that talked about dice values and how likely a specific is to come up on the roll.  But first, boobday…


So, about the dice rolls.  Interestingly, the ones most likely (7’s, 9’s, etc.) haven’t been showing up as much as you might expect.  It’s been a busy 4 and 5 kind of time (yes, with others).  And it’s led to a lot of “pampering” that often means 30 minutes of back(side) rubs and other fun things.

So the game is ongoing – while it’s not over,  we’re a good distance away from my winning this one, but we’ll have to wait and see. ..

And you can bet one of my assignments will be to write about it all when it’s done and over with.  🙂

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