Sometimes You’re the Windshield

You know that saying, “Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield” – well, we’ve just experienced that with the latest rendition of Charmer’s games.

This time, it was with a supermarket Monopoly game… But, of course, it has to have a twist.

So, the deal was fairly simple.  I had to get 9 wins over 2 weeks (14 days).  To get a “win” – well, that seems quite simple, yes?  You have to match up playing pieces with the game board.

Each day, I drew two sets of a game pieces.  Each has 4 pieces inside it that match up with spaces on the playing board.  So, 8 pieces.  The game started with a win being if all pieces are placed on the board from both game pieces, that’s a win.  Turns out those supermarkets are pretty smart about the distribution of pieces.

We quickly found, after only 2 “wins” that there were already duplicates.  Not in a fun, “gee, look at that, better luck next time!” but in a “there’s no way this works out correctly.  The deal was to be that if I didn’t get a win, I got a task – and the simple truth was that every night was a task night.  While we expected the game to get more difficult as it went on and more spaces were filled, it was remarkable how quickly and stubborn those duplicates were.

I only had 2 wins several days in.

So, Charmer changed the rules.  Hey, it’s her game.  She gets to do that.  🙂

You must place at least 3/8 of the first two cards and 1/4 of the 3rd and 4th ones if you choose to play those.

That’s quite a change! I thought I had this in the bag.  Once again, the supermarkets know what they’re doing.  I have ended up with a nearly full playing board, but one space missing on nearly every single item.  It meant a lot of losses.  A LOT.

The success rate was only about 25%, and that was just… frustrating.

So, long story short, the game round came to an end and, of course, here I am writing about it, so you just KNOW this didn’t end well.  My tasks included…

  • Writing public posts for the site
  • Including pictures of me for the site (ugh)
  • Leg/foot massages
  • Orgasms(!) for her

My overall “Congratulations, Snake!  You just lost miserably!  Here’s what you’ve won!” task?  I have to finish up all the rest of the playing pieces (done, with decreasing success on placement as would be expected).  And, I have to write this summary post…

So, long story short, those supermarkets really have a good handle on controlling the winning (and duplicated) playing pieces.

Which stunk for me!

One thought on “Sometimes You’re the Windshield”

  1. I Believe She Makes Your Games So BOTH Win, Seems Like Every Time! You Want A Possibility, Not A Probability!

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