Touchless Torture

As we’re just watching some TV, catching up on a few shows, you disappear to the back of the house for a few minutes.  Happens all the time, so I didn’t think anything of it.

But then, just a few minutes later, you walk back out in this lingerie, heels, and nothing else but that smile.  I can’t help but grin too.  I mean, come on.  It’s going to be a great evening!  You pull me up to standing with just your finger under my chin – one long, slow motion and I’m standing.  And standing at attention.

I lean in to kiss you and you turn away and walk to our room and I’m left kissing the air.  When I walk in the room, you have your crop and all sorts of toys out.  Along with the tie-downs.  All you do is wag your finger at me, telling me to undress.  It takes about 6 seconds (I have to untie shoes!) and you gesture to the bed.  I lay down and you’re immediately on me, putting cuffs on – and attaching them.  One wrist, then the other, one ankle and the other.  And a new one, you attach my collar to the top middle strap as well.

My mind is racing and of course you’re just grinning that grin as you walk around the bed, pulling tighter on the straps and checking all of the connections.  Then you walk around the side and put additional cuffs on my knees and pull them apart as far as possible and attach them to the knee connection points.  I’m in this exaggerated spread-eagle now, immobilized except for the inch or so in any direction offered up by the mattress compressing.  It’s not much.

My mind is racing, and you pull out your wand and sit between my legs, draping yours over mine and leaning back… and start running the wand up and down over your panties, slowly, looking at me the whole while.  You know I can see your eyes start to change, that look, that … feeling in your eyes.  It’s not much at this point, but that animal thing, that Domme thing, is starting to filter in a bit.  I can see you getting a little wetter over only a few minutes.  You dip your fingers into yourself and crawl up on the bed and press your fingers into me so I can taste you.

I want to pull you in, I want to pull you up to let me at you, I can’t even really lean my head forward much with the collar locked in place on the straps.  My legs are splayed wide and it takes away all of my leverage.  I’m like this starfish out of water thing…

You lean back almost impaling yourself on me and stop, then lean back sliding down past me, just close enough to feel your heat, but not close enough to touch.  I groan at just how close you came to sinking down on me, but there’s nothing I can do.  You lean back and lift your legs into the air and slide your panties off, then lean up and place them around my head and mouth and lean back again, grabbing your wand.

You’re full-on teasing me now, moving it close enough to my cock that I can feel the air moving around me, but not close enough to touch.  I can feel myself reaching for you, but apparently you’ve planned for this – no movement, no matter how sly I think I’m being, gets me any closer to the wand and your touch.

You lean back and start pressing the wand to yourself, this time in earnest and I can see you letting it run through you in these waves that I can see in you.  It starts with the wand and travels through your cunt, into you and runs up your spine and through your head.

I admit that I’m trying desperately to get away, or to get closer…  I can’t move.  In fact, it’s almost like the straps fight back, getting tighter as I pull more on them.  It’s a little crazy-making watching you – and as you realize you’ve been successful at locking me in place, you really start letting go.

I see you twitching, see your body giving in completely to the buzz and hum of the wand.  From behind you, you pull out a vibrator and with the wand on your clit, slowly push the vibrator into yourself.  It’s enough to force your mouth open and your eyes closed… it’s insanely hot.

As your body pulls the vibrator in, chases the wand, and you give in to the orgasm, you sink backwards into the pillows to let the convulsions run rampant through you.  You’re continuing to fuck yourself with the vibrator, but incredibly slowly while you recover and regain a bit of composure, just in time to press the wand onto your clit again.  It only takes a moment this time as you start building toward another orgasm.

It washes over you again – I feel it on your legs over mine, the shaking in your thighs as you try to squeeze them together, as the contractions hit you and your entire body clutches at the vibrator, the wand and all of the sensations there.

It takes a bit of time for the twinges to die down and you lean up, move your panties from around my head and mouth and press the vibrator into my mouth, running it in and out obscenely.

You pull it out, give my straining cock a single squeeze and climb off the bed.

You pick up your wand, the vibrator, look back over your shoulder at me and walk out of the room with it all…

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