Sinful Sunday 108 – Morning Light

I think it’s weird how, after a night of tossing and turning, suddenly those sheets, the temperature, the new day, the laziness – all combine to be soooooo comfortable.  The smallest swell in the sheets, the folds of the blanket, all of it combines to make it very tough to want to get up and at it for another day.

For some reason, it all usually comes together in that last bit before you have to get up.  Why can’t it all start out that way so you get an entire night of enjoying it?  Inquiring minds want to know.



Sinful Sunday

9 Replies to “Sinful Sunday 108 – Morning Light”

  1. yes yes yes – you are so right – only seem to get comfortable an hour before I need to get up! lovely photo BTW

  2. Me too! Sadly my mornings come equipped with demanding cats as well… Sorry this doesn’t bring you closer to answer. Lovely image – I can “feel” the relaxation (and I like your spotted sheet).

  3. I’m Sure It’s Illegal To Show Sooo Much Of Your Naked Beauty! I Surely Do Appreciate Your Pictures!

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