Challenge Day 31

The last day of the month so the final challenge…

Today’s challenge involves the college bowl games that are being played today.  Neither one of us really follow college football so it might have made it slightly more difficult for him to make his choices.  Without current rankings, of course.

Snake needs to win at least 2/4 first.  Then he has to put together the scores of my losing teams, which could in theory be 4/4 of the games, and that’s his goal of O’s for me.  If he reaches his goal, he gets a bonus O that doesn’t count against his ratio and he also gets to add my O’s to the ratio which is a bonus.

His choices for the games with my team in parentheses are:  LSU (Louisville), Georgia Tech (Kentucky), Alabama (Washington) and Clemson (Ohio State).

He’ll keep you updated throughout the day on his wins/losses.

Have a great New Year’s Eve and be safe.  And have some kinky fun!  Thanks for playing along with our challenge month.

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