Sinful Sunday #57 — Crowning Touch

I’ve had long hair ever since I was old enough to have a choice.  My mom liked it short so it was easy, but I have never felt me without long hair.  And since Snake is a big fan, it has grown progressively longer over the years….



Sinful Sunday

28 Replies to “Sinful Sunday #57 — Crowning Touch”

  1. I cut mine off just before I had my first child and have never grown it back. Sometimes I wish I still had it but I can’t bear the in-between stage so I never get past it to long again. I can totally see why snake loves your hair though, it is beautiful

  2. I was forced to keep mine short as a child too. Whilst I once rebelled against an ex who demanded I keep it long, that’s the only time since childhood I’ve worn it short. Now I keep it longish, work means I needs to keep it out of the way so too long is a problem and it tends to get very dry and split, so now it’s shoulder length.

    I do love yours hair though, the colour and waves are gorgeous.

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